windows keyboard shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide

Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful way to save time and increase efficiency when using your computer. Windows has a wide range of keyboard shortcuts available, and learning how to use them can make a big difference in your workflow.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Windows keyboard shortcuts. We will cover the most common shortcuts, as well as some more advanced shortcuts that can be used to perform specific tasks. You can also read this How to Use the Windows Search Bar Like a Pro to become a pro in Windows search bar. You can also learn more about Windows Tips and Tricks here.

Common Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table lists some of the most common Windows keyboard shortcuts:

| Shortcut | Action |
| Ctrl+C | Copy |
| Ctrl+V | Paste |
| Ctrl+X | Cut |
| Ctrl+Z | Undo |
| Ctrl+Y | Redo |
| Ctrl+A | Select all |
| Ctrl+S | Save |
| Ctrl+O | Open |
| Ctrl+P | Print |
| Ctrl+W | Close window |
| Alt+Tab | Switch between open windows |
| Windows key + D | Show or hide the desktop |
| Windows key + R | Open the Run dialog box |
| Windows key + E | Open File Explorer |
| Windows key + L | Lock your computer |

Advanced Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to the common shortcuts listed above, there are also a number of more advanced Windows keyboard shortcuts that can be used to perform specific tasks. The following table lists a few examples:

| Shortcut | Action |
| Windows key + X | Open the Power User menu |
| Windows key + I | Open Settings |
| Windows key + H | Open the Help and Support center |
| Windows key + M | Minimize all windows |
| Windows key + Shift + M | Restore all minimized windows |
| Windows key + Ctrl + D | Create a new virtual desktop |
| Windows key + Ctrl + Left/Right arrow | Switch between virtual desktops |
| Windows key + Tab | Open Task View |
| Windows key + Shift + Tab | Reverse the order of the tabs in Task View |
| Windows key + Ctrl + F4 | Close the current window or application |
| Windows key + Alt + F4 | Open the Shutdown Windows dialog box |

Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Applications

Many Windows applications also have their own keyboard shortcuts. For example, the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform common tasks such as saving a document, formatting text, and inserting images.

To find out the keyboard shortcuts available for a particular application, you can consult the application’s help documentation or simply experiment with different shortcuts.

Tips for Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are a few tips for using keyboard shortcuts effectively:

  • Learn the most common shortcuts first. Once you have learned the most common shortcuts, you can start to learn more advanced shortcuts as needed.
  • Create your own custom shortcuts. If you find yourself using a particular set of steps frequently, you can create a custom keyboard shortcut to automate those steps.
  • Use a keyboard shortcut guide. There are a number of keyboard shortcut guides available online and in print. These guides can be helpful for learning new shortcuts and refreshing your memory on shortcuts that you don’t use often.
windows keyboard shortcuts

Benefits of Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of benefits to using keyboard shortcuts, including:

  • Increased efficiency: Keyboard shortcuts can help you to perform tasks more quickly and efficiently than using the mouse.
  • Reduced fatigue: Using keyboard shortcuts can help to reduce fatigue caused by repetitive mouse movements.
  • Improved accuracy: Keyboard shortcuts can help to improve the accuracy of your work by reducing the risk of errors caused by using the mouse.


Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful tool that can help you to save time and increase efficiency when using your computer. By learning how to use keyboard shortcuts, you can improve your workflow and reduce fatigue.

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