Embracing Identity and Unity: The Journey of Adivasi Mulbasi Community

In an enlightening address during the grand gathering held in Dharan to commemorate the 28th World Indigenous Peoples Day, Mayor Hark Sampang passionately proclaimed, “We are not tribes, we are tribals.” This powerful assertion reflects the essence of his message: a call for a more respectful and accurate portrayal of their community’s identity.

Redefining Identity: Adivasi Mulbasi Movement

Mayor Sampang, a visionary leader deeply connected to his roots, proposed an alternative term, urging society to replace “tribe” with “Adivasi Mulbasi.” He emphasized, “I don’t consider it a tribe, let’s say Adibasi Mulbasi. I don’t study with others, I don’t want to study in other’s university. I’m just a person. I am not one to understand what others understand.” With these words, he revealed a profound insight into the essence of the Adivasi Mulbasi identity.

Breaking Stereotypes: A Call for Recognition

Mayor Sampang challenged the prevailing stereotypes by asserting, “The tribe I understand is farmers, are we farmers?” He highlighted the unfortunate reality that members of their community have, at times, been reduced to engaging in conflicts over trivial matters like a plate of chowmein. He lamented the tendency of some to prioritize personal gain and positions over collective harmony. “If we keep walking for others because of the greed of a thousand money and position, then that is a tribe,” he lamented.

Empowerment through Distinctness: The Adivasi Mulbasi Essence

Further elaborating on his vision, Mayor Sampang conveyed that true empowerment lies in embracing their distinct attributes. He stressed that one’s identity is not determined solely by the term “tribe” but by their affiliation with civilization, culture, language, and special skills. He proclaimed, “An aboriginal person is a person who carries potential, walks with a culture. He walks with a distinct language style and learning skills.”

Beyond Labels: Unity in Diversity

Mayor Sampang’s resonant message transcends mere terminology; it’s a call for unity and recognition. The Adivasi Mulbasi community is a vibrant tapestry woven with cultural richness and diversity. It’s a collective of individuals who hold a unique place in the intricate fabric of society.

Embracing Progress: An Inclusive Future

As society advances, it’s vital to move beyond labels and embrace the rich diversity that shapes our world. Mayor Sampang’s passionate plea for the recognition of the Adivasi Mulbasi identity marks a step towards creating a more inclusive and harmonious future.

Conclusion: Celebrating Unity in Diversity

In a world often fragmented by arbitrary divisions, Mayor Hark Sampang’s resounding words remind us of the beauty that resides in our differences. The Adivasi Mulbasi community’s journey is one of resilience, identity, and a shared commitment to embracing their unique heritage. As we celebrate the 28th World Indigenous Peoples Day, let’s heed Mayor Sampang’s call, not just in words but in action, by fostering unity, understanding, and respect for all cultures and identities.

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