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Itahari Sub-Metropolitan Cancels Permission of Two Schools for Not Submitting Scholarship Details

Itahari, Sunsari: Itahari Sub-Metropolitan has canceled the operating permission of two private schools for not submitting scholarship details within the specified time period. The schools, Itahari Children’s School and Itahari Namuna School, have been operating in Wards 6 and 10 of Itahari Sub-Metropolitan, respectively.

The sub-metropolitan education branch sent three letters to the schools requesting them to submit the scholarship details. After the schools failed to respond to the letters, the sub-metropolitan issued a notice imposing a fine of Rs. 50,000 on Itahari Namuna School and Rs. 1 lakh on Itahari Children’s School.

The schools did not respond to the notice either, and the sub-metropolitan education committee subsequently decided to cancel their operating permissions. The cancellation will take effect from the current academic session, 2080.

The sub-metropolitan education branch said that the cancellation was a matter of procedure as per the education regulations. The regulations require private schools to submit scholarship details to the sub-metropolitan within a specified time period.

The cancellation of the operating permissions of these two schools is a significant development, as it sends a strong message to other private schools in the area. It also highlights the importance of compliance with the education regulations.

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