Kathmandu. The YouTuber and artist who was detained for promoting the unlicensed online betting site ONEX Bet was the subject of an indictment that was presented to the Kathmandu District Court on Monday. In the district court, the police have brought a case against them and asked for a year in jail and a fine of up to 10,000 rupees.

Dinesh Khadka, Anita Dhital, and ten YouTubers and artists who were detained last month for acting as OneX Bet agents have cases filed against them. The District Public Prosecutor’s Office has filed a charge sheet alleging Rs 64 karod 94 lakh 29 hajar against agents Khadka and Dhital.

They may be subject to fines up to three times their original amount, up to seven years in prison, or both, as per Section 95 of the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058. Gambling and betting are forbidden according to Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Nepal 2074.

Chief SSP Dr. Manoj KC of the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office stated that a case was filed against them on Monday and that the discussion is still underway. The office reported the arrests of 10 artists and YouTubers who were promoting the online betting site ONEX Bet on May 32 and June 8.

Those detained include Raju Poudel (Raju Master), Alice Rai, Jalan Ghartimar (Jalan), Pawan Khatiwada (Macuri), Marichman Shrestha (Balchi Dhurve), Ganesh Devkota (Ganesh GD), Saroj Ghimire (Dhedu Budho), Begum Nepali (Bhatbhate Maila), and Raj Kumar Tamang. According to SSP KC, other YouTubers advocating the aforementioned illegal betting platform are being sought.

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