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Itahari Takes a Stand: City Safaris Restricted on Main Highway Starting Tomorrow

Itahari, a busy city, has decided to stop the operation of three-wheeled e-rickshaws, commonly known as City Safaris, along its main highway starting from tomorrow. This move comes in response to mounting concerns about the excessive presence of City Safaris in Itahari, which have led to traffic jams and an increase in accidents.

The decision to prohibit City Safaris from operating on Itahari’s main highway was reached collaboratively by Itahari Area Police Office, Traffic Police Office, Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City, and Safari Directors. The goal is to reduce traffic jams and enhance road safety.

Mohan Bikram Dahal, DSP of the Traffic Police Office in Koshi, noted that City Safaris had made it increasingly difficult for other vehicles to navigate the main intersections and highway areas of Itahari, particularly on Fridays. To address this, the sub-metropolitan city has revised its regulations regarding City Safari registration, reserving it exclusively for Itahari residents. Furthermore, e-rickshaws can now only be registered and operated following a structured process.

This change means that City Safaris from other municipalities will no longer be permitted to wait for passengers in Itahari. The implementation of a more organized e-rickshaw registration system is expected to control traffic management challenges, a long-standing issue in Itahari.

Additionally, the introduction of numbering in the e-rickshaw registration process will aid in monitoring and managing these vehicles more efficiently.

Moving forward, only City Safaris registered within Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City limits will be authorized to operate within those boundaries. It’s worth noting that despite an estimated 5,000 City Safaris operating in Itahari, only 1,100 have been officially registered with the city.

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Itahari’s decision to restrict City Safaris on its main highway reflects a proactive stance toward traffic management and public safety. By enforcing stricter registration and operational guidelines, the city aims to strike a balance between efficient transportation and road safety.

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