Revolutionizing Power Solutions: Made in Nepal ‘Nigi’ Power Bank and ‘Junkiri’ Bulb from Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd

In a dynamic stride towards innovation, Nepal’s very own Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd, a prominent player in the gaming and information technology realm, has proudly unveiled its latest creation – the ‘Nigi’ mini inverter. This remarkable launch was marked by a virtual event on a vibrant Monday, which also saw the introduction of a cutting-edge power bank aptly named ‘Nigi’ and an ingenious illuminating solution called ‘Junkiri’. Let’s delve into these trailblazing products’ intriguing features and capabilities that promise to redefine power backup and lighting solutions.

Empowering Your Lifestyle: The ‘Nigi’ Power Bank

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd takes a leap forward with ‘Nigi’, an embodiment of cutting-edge technology tailored to address the modern-day power challenges. ‘Nigi’ emerges as a private powerhouse that elegantly resolves the ubiquitous power backup conundrum. NJ Subedi, the visionary Managing Director of the company, emphatically emphasizes that quality is at the heart of ‘Nigi’s’ design and functionality.

“We are resolutely dedicated to maintaining impeccable quality standards. The integrity of ‘Nigi’ remains uncompromised and enduring,”

nepali power bank

Subedi asserts with confidence. As a testament to this commitment, the product boasts a robust one-year replacement and an extended two-year repair warranty, assuring consumers of a steadfast performance.

At its core, ‘Nigi’ boasts an impressive 8,800 mAh battery capacity, bolstered by dual ports delivering 12 and 5 volts respectively. This versatile device seamlessly caters to the power requirements of an array of electronic companions – from smartphones to CCTV systems, cameras, and routers, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in the most demanding scenarios.

Remarkably, Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd proudly claims that ‘Nigi‘ sets the stage for a remarkable six to eight hours of uninterrupted power backup across various devices. Additionally, its unique private mode ingeniously offers immediate backup the moment the lights fade, underlining the thoughtful design that propels ‘Nigi’ into a league of its own.

This assertion is fortified by comprehensive testing; ‘Nigi’ has undergone rigorous assessments on a diverse range of routers prevalent in Nepal, cementing its compatibility across various platforms.

In an inclusive gesture, Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd positions ‘Nigi’ as an affordable luxury, retailing at a modest 3000 Nepalese rupees. Interested enthusiasts can acquire this powerhouse either through the company’s official website or conveniently from a local electronics emporium.

nepali bulb junkiri

Illuminating Brilliance: Introducing ‘Junkiri’ Bulb

Complementing the innovation of ‘Nigi’, Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd sheds light on another impressive offering – the ‘Junkiri’ bulb. An illuminating solution that melds technology with aesthetics, ‘Junkiri’ is poised to reshape the way we experience light.

Designed to seamlessly adapt to ambient lighting conditions, ‘Junkiri’ effortlessly transitions from dawn to dusk. This innate ability to automatically turn on and off in response to changing light levels renders ‘Junkiri’ an embodiment of convenience and eco-friendliness.

Intended to grace hoarding boards and advertising displays, ‘Junkiri’ adds a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces. However, it’s essential to note that this remarkable bulb is available exclusively in wholesale quantities, aligning with the company’s strategic approach.

yarsa nepali powerbank nigi 12v

Elevate Your Power Experience: The Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd Promise

Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd’s foray into the power solutions arena with ‘Nigi’ and ‘Junkiri’ a made in Nepal product, underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and consumer-centricity. With ‘Nigi’, they have not only crafted a dependable power backup companion but a catalyst for convenience, ensuring your devices remain powered and productive even in the face of outages.

As technology converges seamlessly with aesthetics, ‘Junkiri’ emerges as a symbol of ambient illumination, illuminating your surroundings intelligently while minimizing energy consumption.

In conclusion, Yarsa Tech Pvt Ltd’s latest offerings are a testament to their prowess as a trailblazer in the realm of technology-driven solutions. ‘Nigi’ and ‘Junkiri’ epitomize the brand’s philosophy of combining functionality with elegance, transcending mere products to become indispensable lifestyle companions. Discover these innovations today and embrace a future powered by Nepalese ingenuity.

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