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Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah has disagreed with the new education bill.

Mayor Balen Shah has written a post regarding today’s Kathmandu-centered movement.

Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah has disagreed with the new education bill. And says: ‘We also have a disagreement on the education bill. About 250,000 students and more than 10,000 teachers are under our supervision.

Since basic and secondary education is the sole right of the local government, the right to make school education law is also vested in the local government because the education policy of Kathmandu and the policy and needs of Jumla are different.

Registering the bill to be presented by the federal level in the federal parliament is a violation of the Constitution. Instead of formulating a national education policy and standards by the federal government, bringing a school education bill is contrary to the constitutional provisions and cannot be accepted. We would like to remind you that the legislative and executive practices up to secondary education being used by the local government have been established based on the judgments of the respected courts.

But while saying this, the teacher should not close the school and obstruct the teaching. Those who create such obstacles will be punished according to the law (Constitution).’

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