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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Bans Use of Thin Plastic

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has banned the use of plastic bags thinner than 40 microns and the production, sale, and distribution of plastic flower bouquets in the metropolitan area. The ban went into effect on July 17, 2023.

KMC Environment Department Chief Ravinman Shrestha said that the ban was implemented to reduce plastic pollution in the city. He said that KMC would spread awareness about the ban and that violators would be fined.

The ban is part of KMC’s efforts to improve waste management and the environment in the city. KMC has also allocated a budget of Rs. 879 million for programs related to waste management and the environment.

The budget will be used to purchase vehicles and equipment for cleaning work, to run a river cleaning program, and to conduct studies and research on pollution control.

KMC is also working with the relevant agencies to stop the operation of vehicles that emit more pollution than the prescribed standards.

The ban on plastic bags and flower bouquets is a positive step toward reducing plastic pollution in Kathmandu. KMC’s efforts to improve waste management and the environment are also commendable.

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