A government vehicle parked at the zebra crossing at Pipal Chautara in Birendra Nagar, Surkhet.

     It has been found that government vehicles are parked at the pedestrian crossing (zebra crossing) in the main market of Surkhet Pipalchowtari. Even though traffic signals were made in Surkhet after the construction of the new road, the government vehicles did not follow the rules. It was found that the driver of the government vehicle did not even take into account the simple fact that parking should not be done at the zebra crossing.

Locals were also surprised when the government jeep with the number plate VE 1 JH 256 was parked at the zebra crossing. The traffic police have been paying fines to drivers who park illegally. However, the local government and the police are not aware of the traffic rules in Surkhet.

Ram Prakash Shah, Chief (SP) of Nepal Police Highway Safety and Traffic Management Office, Surkhet, said that there are public awareness programs about traffic rules, but how effective they will be.

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