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Dharan Political Parties Appeal to Chief Minister for Dengue Assistance

Dharan’s Political Parties Unite to Combat Dengue Outbreak: Urgent Plea to Chief Minister

Dharan News: Dharan’s political parties have joined forces to appeal to Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa for assistance in addressing the growing dengue epidemic. The parties have expressed concern about the local government’s leader’s seemingly indifferent and dismissive attitude towards the situation.

A united front comprising representatives from six political parties, provincial assembly members, and tribal leaders met with Chief Minister Thapa in Biratnagar last Saturday. The parties presented a list of healthcare professionals essential for efficient dengue management and called for immediate action.

Shyam Pokharel, Chairman of the Nepali Congress Dharan, said that the meeting was marked by optimism and that Chief Minister Thapa assured the parties of prompt action.

The parties have also pressed for the District Disaster Management Committee to declare a state of public health emergency.

The letter submitted to Chief Minister Thapa highlighted the political entities’ relentless efforts in treating patients and managing the dengue crisis autonomously. The parties expressed disappointment at the lack of support from both the state and federal governments.

The meeting was attended by a constellation of leaders, including former House of Representatives member Jayakumar Rai, former head of Dharan city Tilak Rai, as well as state MPs Ramesh Basnet, Vijay Rai, Yashoda Kayastha, and Mamta Tamang.

The parties are awaiting a swift and decisive response from Chief Minister Thapa to their call for action.

dharan news

dharan news


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