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Kathmandu. The secretariat of Balen Shah, head of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has given an explanation regarding the use of public vehicles on public holidays.

Balen’s secretariat has claimed that the traffic police behaved inappropriately by flagging the vehicle in which Balen’s wife, Sabina Kafle, was riding.

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“After revealing the identity of the city chief, the behavior of the police became more and more aggressive. The police kept the vehicle on the side of the road for about 7 minutes and asked irrelevant and arbitrary questions. Without following the method and procedure of checking the vehicle, the police Open’, what is it? Where is it? By doing this and that, Sabina Kafle, a pregnant woman riding in the back seat, was unnecessarily scolded. This kind of rude behavior by the police, who was on duty to a woman who was in labor pain and worried about the health condition of her newborn baby, is extremely reprehensible and It is regrettable,” the secretariat said.

The secretariat claims that even when Kafle answered about the emergency situation, the traffic police threatened that ‘I can keep him here if I want to’.

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